If you use a walker or a cane for balance, have limited endurance, or are just beginning an exercise program this class is a good choice. Ideal for individuals who are concerned about their balance, strength and walking ability.  It is also perfect for anyone with a history of falling or anyone who needs assistance to get up from a chair. Standing exercises are performed while holding the balance bar and sitting in the chair.

Variations: Dance and Basic


Good for a variety of individuals, including those that use a cane. It is also ideal for those who wish to prevent falls, increase functional strength and mobility. This class is a little more challenging with a faster pace and longer aerobics. 

The cross-training approach with StrengthHab includes multiple formats that change every day for constant fun variety and maximal improvement in health, endurance, strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. Variations: 

  • Low Impact Aerobics 
  • Lunge Intervals 
  • Circle 
  • Dance 
  • Chair Aerobics 
  • Step Power 

The combination of these five formats of the classes is guaranteed to improve your energy level, giving you more strength and endurance to do the activities you enjoy!  


This class is designed for individuals just beginning an exercise program. Members often begin with this class and then add or move on to other classes under the advice of a physical therapist. 

This is a well- balanced class! It contains all the necessary components of wellness exercise: low impact aerobics, balance, strengthening, and flexibility. 

The class contains a self – paced structure where individuals can work at the correct intensity and complexity to meet their personal fitness needs. A base exercise is demonstrated along with instructions in possible modifications and challenges.


This very fun and innovative class includes functional lower extremity strengthening throughout the entire aerobics section! Participants will get their functional leg strengthening while getting the heart rate up with aerobics! 

It is an efficient way to exercise, good for cross training. The wonderful thing about this class is the fact it can be easily modified to meet different functional levels.

If you are serious about improving your agility this challenging class is for you! Power intervals include gentle plyometrics and power drills H.I.T. training